My Cupp Testo

Testo My Cupp

Hey! Are u ready to party?
Are u ready to dance? Fi dance...
Everybody grab your party cups (u party cups)... ooooooohhh
Grab your party cups now... u party cupps now... (u party cups) just put dem up... (u party cups) dem up...
Heyy... ooooooohhhh

Wats in My Cupp
Stays in My Cupp
In My Cupp stays in My Cupp
My drink is... In My Cupp,
In My Cupp... Is in My Cup
Mycup... Heeeey!
Mycup... Heeeeey!
My Cuuppp 'Hey'... 'Heey'
Wats in My Cupp... Stays in My Cupp

[Verse 1;]
I got my swagg up high, gonna party till I touch tha sky,
So I, got the 'yac on the Henny on the table, (table)
And am filling my cup from the table,
My drink kinda got me unstable, amma need a driver because am unable,
Thank God a left my keys wid Keeble, (Keeble)
Am feeling little bit feeble.


[Verse 2:]
Whatever am sipping... it's from mycup I'm sipping
So u don't have to come around... ain't gonna pour ma drink on the ground
So put your cupps to the ceiling if u feeling wat am feeling...
Inna di club Hey!
Inna the streets Hey!
Not inna u caaaarrrr!


So mi no care way u a drink so put u cupps up,
Mek sure something deh inna u cup cupp... Hey!
Now the whole world a sing put u cupps up Hey!
Put it up! Hey!... Put it up... Hey!...
My drink kinda got me unstable amma need a driver because am unable,
Thank God I left my keys wid Keeble, damn
Am feelin lil bit feeble.



Am feelin a lil... (Ooooo) bit tipsy right now u know wat am saying,
But am doing quite fine...
Cause wats in my cup is in my cup... wooo
An wat am drinking u ain't gotto to know... HA!

My Cuppp... My Cupp... My Cupp

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