Earth Ah Run Red Testo

Testo Earth Ah Run Red

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Oh my my my, Yeah
Hey Yeah Yeah
Hey Yeah Yeah

[Verse 1:]
Hey watch the places you walk & mind the way you talk
Watch out fi di Vampire who will sneak up in the dark
Watch out for the big thief who claim sey that dem smart
Stop bring in the crack & the gun to mash up the yout' dem heart

Earth A Run Red
10 Year old a look dem owna Tea Bread
I Hear a next yout' dead, whoooaa
Earth A Run Red
10 Year old a look dem owna Tea Bread
I Hear a next yout' dead, yeeeeaah

[Verse 2:]
Watch It,
The Mark of the beat a come in under sneakin' under man feet
A Revelation time, check the signs of the time, you no feel the heat
From you see how the youths them leggo out the street
And you know sey things nah go sweet
Man a hustle, Man a shuffle, Hungry Belly deh a Yard caan find food to eat


[Verse 3:]
It don't even make no sense you tell the man dem put down the gun
Talk & tun yuh back, anodda life gone dung
These are the times we should have some fun
Give thanks to Jah, cause the man soon come
Wouldnt make no sense to tell dem leff dem Politricks
Talk & tun yuh back anodda man get trick,


[Verse 1]

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