Youth Dem Cold Testo

Testo Youth Dem Cold

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
In The Streets Its Getting Hot And The Youths Them A Get So Colddd... Searching For Food For The Pot..Theyll Do Anything To Fill That Gap... Whooo... [Repeat]

[Verse 1:]
As Generation Comes And Goes... You Gatta Make Preparation For The Youths Them A Grow.. Its What You Reap Its Wat U Sow ..The Youths Them Have A Life In The Future So When Thats Then You Know..If Education Is The Key..Then Tell Me Why The People Have To Make It So Expensive For We... Give Them The Key Oh Set Them Free Eeeeeeeeee...


[Verse 2:]
Oh Na Na Na Ayyy... Eeeeeeee Eeeeeee... Oh Na Na Na, Oh Na Na Na... Na Na Na , Na Na Na...
You Gatta Find A Better Way..Cause Wen We Look In A Babylon Me See A Bearful Play, And So The Gideon Stay ...Ayyy. All Nation Come Together Know That Kingston Selassi The Truth And The Light And The Way...Kingston People Lead Them In The Right Wayy Eeeee...


[Verse 3:]
You Gat To Show The People Theres Still A Brighter Wayyyy, Ayy. I Know For Sure The Sun Will Come Out Todayy Ayy. Finding People Solution Will Have To Fade Awayy Ay, Yeah. And All The Wicked Deeds That Done You Know U Gat To Payy Ayy...

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