Don't Get Me Started Testo

Testo Don't Get Me Started

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
There's A Big Space In My Heart
Bigger Than An Empty Parking Lot
It's Been There Since She Took Her Love Away

Everyday I Carry On
Acting Like There's Nothing Wrong
But If Anyone Should Ask, Here's What I'll Say

Don't Get Me Started
You Don't Really Want To Know
About How She Loved Me
Then She Let Me Go
About How Much I Still Miss Her
With Every New Teardrop
Don't Get Me Started
'Cause I May Never Stop

Now I'm Down At C.J.'s Bar
Listening To A Crying Steel Guitar
And Tossing Back Another Longneck Beer

I Keep Trying To Forget
But My Mind Won't Let Me Yet
When A Voice Says “How Ya Doin' Over Here”


I Could Go On Ramblin'
'Bout How She Done Me Wrong
'Bout The Time She Left Me Once Before
But We Got Back Together
We Even Talked About Forever
And That's Why Now It Hurts Me All The More

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