Bad Boy Testo

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Testo Bad Boy

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I woke up from the drink I had
The room was dark and suddenly began to swirl
I should have heeded mother's words
She said she'd heard it said you were a naughty girl
But what does a mother know
That we really need to know
And what would she say if she knew

Na na na na you're just a Bad Boy
Who, who, who
Na na na na they'll drive you mad boy
Who, who, who
But mother, what a way to go

I looked out as the sun came up
I shook my head and said I really should be gone
I grabbed my shoes and daily news
And walked out in the heat beneath the summer sun
But father was there outside with no place to run and hide
He looked most upset as he said "Where've you been?"


But what if she'd walked in and caught us
Do you think she'd have been shocked
The way that she talked you'd think I was a daughter
Anyway the door was locked

I know that mother disagrees
But I would really like to see you again
And if you want to see me too
Then meet me in the bushes at the river bend
And no one will find us out
'Cause no one will be about
But still I can hear them all say

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