Everybody's Cheating Testo

Testo Everybody's Cheating

(Rabin, Blerk)

Keeping us together and holding us apart
Is a love that we talk about
I'm finding it harder every day to take it as it comes
But as one fool once explained to me you can't choose who you

Everybody's cheating on the one they love
Everybody's looking for the summer sun
No I believe I'll love you til my life is done
I'll live your lies and alibis
The telltale stories in your eyes
Cause you are, you are the one I love

Yes I love you like you love me
I need you like a lover
No you need me and I need you
We're still cheating on each other


What is the question
What is the answer
What is the reason why
People like you and people like me
Live our lives with lies

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