Karma Testo

Testo Karma

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
I drop a stone into the ocean, every choice,
another turn of the screw,
Another wheel set in motion, with every single thing I do
It's there in the air that I breathe, it's in my whisper and scream
Inside everything I believe, and
it's all gonna come around someday

As the smallest stream runs to a river
and every river runs to the sea
So every bit of love that I give to another,
You know that I believe it comes back to me

There is no absolution whether I'm the garden or the rose
If I ain't part of the solution... yeah you know how that goes
You can always leave but you bring it all back home someday

Every single thing I say, everyone I betray
Any love that I take when I do not make it in return
Every thing I do and every time I've been unfaithful too
all the things that I believe are lessons I must learn