Looking For The One Testo

Testo Looking For The One

I was feeling' much in need
Of the arms of a lover
When my radar picked her up
On the arm of another
Well I been looking' for the one
And I'll tell you brother
I had the feeling we were gonna be more than friends.

We were each other
Still looking for the one
With the fire in her eyes
Living inside a paradise
Still looking for the one
On like the light,
Darlin' don't let me sleep alone tonight
Still looking for the one
Wake in the morning all alone
Looking for the one
Looking for the one


Too many nights with the wrong one
And my heart ran for cover
I'm a lonely, lonely soul
In search of another
I been a wondering baby
Since I left my mother
I got a feline' your gonna be here in time

I know you will


Looking for the one
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