Misty Water Woman Testo

Testo Misty Water Woman

I was driving 'round, as the sun went down.
When I came upon a lake, the sign said Misty Water.
And standing there, with wet and tangled hair was a girl,
she said her name was Bo, she was a farmer's daughter.
I said get in, I'll take you home, you must be cold.

Misty water woman,
you never get to her.
Misty water woman,
you never get to touch her.
And feel her near.

It began to storm, and our talk grew warm.
Till I stopped the car outside a cold and lonely place.
I said we're here,
but she had disappeared.
And on the seat was a pool of tears
and a handkerchief of lace.
I did not see her leave,
I was amazed!

I went into the house,
It took her father and her mother to straighten me out.
What was it all about?
Please let me know.
She looked sad, and he looked mad.
And he said, yes you're right, once we had a daughter.
Her name was Bo, but that was long ago.
Years have gone since she drowned at Misty Water.
And the way he took it, took me by surprise.

Misty water woman
you never get to her
Misty apparition
You never get to touch her
And feel her near
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