Somewhere Testo

Testo Somewhere

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Silverman, Watson)

Tonight, you cried out I heard your call
from the child inside your soul
An SOS heaven help the sender
And tonite I wish we weren't so far apart
Because the beating of this heart it telling
you, you can't surrender

I know it's hard for you, you know it's hard for me
If you can keep believing there's a place
I know someday we'll be

Somewhere in the silent morning
Somewhere out beyond the sea of blue
There is a dream that's calling
Somewhere there is a place for me and you
Me and you

So near, I watch the city lights go out
And I know without a doubt that you and I
tonight somehow have spoken
And here, across the miles so far away
I cross my heart and pray
that a promise made will not be broken

The words are in my head, but they're hard for me to say
Sometimes alone the power of what I feel
can take my breath away

And if the wait's too long there
let your heart be strong there
And may the love reign over you...
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