Spanish Eyes Testo

Testo Spanish Eyes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well I thought it out and if I'm thinkin' right
She's been workin on me out of sight
She's got me whispering in the night
Spanish Eyes

But you can call me superstitious I don't mind
Strange feeling when her eyes meet mine
She's got me thinking about her all the time
Spanish Eyes

She loves to do it
oh mama don't you say that
not unless you mean it darlin

I'm falling I'm falling
For you darlin Let me lie in your fields of ambrosia
It's something she's doing for real
And I know darlin you've got me hypnotized with your Spanish

Believe I've got a feelin that if I let you in
I don't care what kind of trap she's trying to spin
Dressed like a demon and she's out to sin
Spanish Eyes

No when I look in your eyes it's the sweetest thing
But something tells me if I let you in
I'll get hurt and its gonna sting
Spanish eyes

Ooh you love to do it
Oh mama don't you say these things
Not unless you mean it darlin


Sparks flying, wheels turning
Devil's scratching at the door
Heart pounding, head burning
Little sister mi amour

Oh mi amour
Oh mi amour

[Chorus x2]
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