The Freak Testo

Testo The Freak

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Step inside the tent ladies and gentlemen to see The freak they call Jacko the dog face man He walks like a man and talks like a man But was born with the face of a dog An actual freak of nature Bright Lights Blind me And I am whizzing by the people Pushing rushing to the music And my eyes are running And my legs are aching And there are people winning And the carnivals spinning Merry go round Go round And they make me dizzy People shouting as they shot and win And my head is ringing My ears are flitting And my hair is thinning And the carnivals spinning After the people have gone I walk along down sideshow ally And from the tent I hear some crying The sound of someone in pain And written brightly on the canvas and woodwork So that everybody could see Was the question they pose to the public When is a man not a man When he's a freak in the sideshow But we all got to cry Yes, we all got to cry And we all got to cry Bright lights blind me And I am questioned by the people Pushing rushing To the organ grinders music And my eyes are running And my legs are achy And their are people crying And the carnivals dying

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