Written In Rock Testo

Testo Written In Rock

On my way back from a wedding
I drove round some of the old streets
I got swept up by the memories
Of cold nights and warm sheets
I parked outside the house we'd lived in
I tried to think of all the pain
But all I remembered was the laughter
And the precious trust we can't reclaim

There are no second prizes
And there will be no consolation wreath
We may as well miss by a mile
As miss by the skin of our teeth
They all thought we were some sure thing
I had the bloody coat and wedding ring

But nothing's written in rock
I know I'm not the one
Was I just the great pretender
Written in rock
There was no battle won
Only a mutual surrender
No guarantees, that's alright
If I was gonna stay,
I would have stayed all night
Bye bye love, you were so damn right
Nothing's written in rock
Nothing's written in rock

You finally learned the deep dark secret
That I know you were waiting for
So I watched the death of innocence
Of the young dreamer at life's door
This world can tear your soul to pieces
If you give it half a chance
There are no rules to remember
There are no written steps to the dance

I don't believe in fate
I don't believe in the blind luck of the draw
I don't believe in love
I mean I don't believe anymore
They all thought we were the real thing
I had the bloody cat and wedding ring


I remember you all dewy-eyed and breathless
Pointing the direction to
The great promised land
I remember me all petrified and restless
Wondering what you were hiding
In the other hand

Everybody keeps a lonely heart
And everybody gets that feeling
Everybody needs another heart
To give a little bit of healing
To a battered soul

Oh, nothing's written in rock, oh


Oh, nothing's written in rock, oh
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