7th Day Testo

Testo 7th Day

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
If you believe
You are light as air
If you believe

You will fly
There is no tear that is stronger than
The faith that's in your eye

Look now at my body
Broken there by the sin
And all my friends who drink my wine
They're all drunk again

We can make another world
Another life
We can make it out of you
Another world

Your eye is the brightest star
Your heart is the sea
Nothing in the universe
Means more than what you mean to me

And another day
We can have another life
Another world
Make it out of clay

We can make a sweeter night
A sweeter night
Listen child
We can have a softer day
Listen, listen child
Listen listen
A softer day
One where you'll be safe
Why won't you listen child
Come one listen child
We can make it outta here
We can make it out of this
Another night

And on the seventh day
To the seventh day
Listen child
The seventh day
The seventh day
Child, child, child
The seventh day
The seventh day
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