Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue) Testo

Testo Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)

Come on - Joey get out of school We got places to go A '57 Lincoln you got a radio that hurts And the girls like to touch it Just to find out if it works But don't look at me It wasn't me Joey live on the edge of the corner Of living on the run I like to ride in the middle I'm just tryin to have some fun Until the Pirates come And take me And I won't need a pilot Got a pirate who might sail Somewhere I heard far away You answer me So i'm holding on To your rainbow sleeves Well, goodbye boys, Oh my buddy boys, Oh my sad-eyed Sinatras It'as a cold globe around the sea You keep the shirt that I bought ya And I know you'll get the chance to make it And nothin's gonna stop you You just reach right out and take it You say - So long, lonely Avenue So long lonely avenue I'll see you there Wait 'n see Be lookin' for me Just like you Just like me

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