I Won't Desert Testo

Testo I Won't Desert

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Chorus) Sorry Babe,won´t forget all about you, can´t deny,all the ways that I´ve hurt you, all I know life is hader without you,gone away, baby I won´t desert you (Vers 1) I was so lost, I was so gone and you so lonely, I didn´t realize the things I´ve done to you, theres no excuse there´s not a way that I convince you, It´s hard to find someone that loves the way you do (Bridge) You are the breath that fills my soul,ohhh.... you know that now the road is my home, and it´s calling me on and on (Chorus) (Vers 2) You want it all, but all we have it´s just this moment I can´t promise you anymore than that so babe look at me and we make it through this I never meant for thisto make you feel so bad (Bridge) (Chorus) Sometimes it feels like,every road leads me back to you sometimes it feels like,the throught of you takes me...home.... takes me home , and it takes me home..... Takes me......... (Chorus) Sorry babe,won´t forget all about you, can´t deny all the ways that I´ve hurt you (so sorry babe) All I know, life is harder without you, gone away (so much harder without you) baby, I wont desert you Sorry babe, won´t forget all about you (every road leads me back to you) Can´t deny ,all the ways that I´ve hurt you (the thought of you takes me) All I know, life is harder without you, gone away (the thought of you takes me home) Baby I won´t desert you Every road leads me.....every road leads me darling Leads me back to you.....back to you...

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