The Touch Testo

Testo The Touch

Oh, it's the middle of the night
And I'm reaching out for you
In the darkness
I can feel your touch break through
When I look into your eyes
And your skin's against my skin
I will hold you 'til the sun
Comes crashing in
Where would I be now
Without the tenderness that
you possess
The touch...the touch that makes
Me strong
That keeps me holdin' on
I come to you when times are tough
Your love is just enough
To lift me up so high
There's nothin' I won't give
To be with you To reach for you,
I live...For the touch

Oh, I wanna be the one you need
I need to be the one you see
I gotta justify the faith you have in me
You're the beauty in my life
You're the sun that lights my soul
You're the other half I need to make
Me whole

Who would I be now
Without the warmth you bring To


All my life has been a journey
Here to you
Every road and river
Bought me closer to the touch

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