Lovers Testo

Testo Lovers

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
You know that this right here goes out to
All of my lovers
I'll be looking if you are right in the front...
Tell her you love her
I am sending out the message
To all of my lovers
For all of my lovers around the world
All of my lovers
All of my lovers

She likes to tell me that she love me
She kiss and hugs me and everybody knows she is my girl
That's why she means the world to me yeah
And I want to give her everything that she wants
Even if it's diamonds and pearls
I wanna give her everything
So I grab her and never let her go
Let my girl know she truly has my heart


Where yo0u're at girl? where you're out?
When your body's down know how to act girl
They are running back ever since you gave me that girl
Missing pretty one but none of them is that girl

And I take her to all my favorite places
Keep her tight to my arm
The other can't come close cause she is the one
I grab her and never let her go
Let my girl know she truly has my heart
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