This Time Testo

Testo This Time

She packed all the bags this morning
Caught the first flight to LA
None of my words could keep her
Nothing could make her stay
Blew out all the candles
There's no flame to light my darkest day
I know I deserve this torture
I know I deserve this pain

I know I'm gonna lose u this time
But I don't know how to get thru this life
Without u with me
Goodbye would probably kill me
I know I'm gonna lose u this time
Because I told u too many lies
I know I'm guilty
I lost your love, now I'm losing my mind

I know I'm gonna lose u this time yea

A kiss on the face
A simple goodbye was all she left me with
Didn't have the nerve to stop her
Minus the wrong I did
There's no fairy tale
Didn't think the story would end up like this
And I've got enough heartbroken
And it's way too hard to fix
Oh baby


(Turn the lights on)
I know I'm gonna lose u this time
That's why I ain't putting up a fight
Cause I know you're right baby
But baby I know I'm a lose my mind
I never should've left your love behind

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