Use Your Love Testo

Testo Use Your Love

Ignorance is blessed
We were meant to live like this
No dots just filling
It was meant... exist
You were meant to call my name
I was meant to call out yours
Open no such things as doors
But is your choice of course
Bet you didn't know I've been watching you
Even though you know my eyes watch every move all night
I'm nothing like those girls you've been talking to
Cause I'll take you on the ride of your life

So let's explore
Let's just escape
Don't... on it
I could be yours eventually
Let's threat tonight
Like it's the only time
I say it first
Don't let this moment get away
Cause I just want to use your love tonight
And you can use mine baby
I don't want to lose your love tonight
Let's take the ride

I want to use your love tonight
Turn the lights off
Standing by the door
I won't let you leave
Feet up on the floor
But my head is spinning in the clouds all night
Can't help think about you sexually
And baby there is no better time like right now


Don't you make no plans with your friends
Your man is here no... in need here
No time is wasting and when we're gonna get down
We're gonna repeat it
No hotel I'm gonna let you up in my house
I ain't giving you no ring but I'm gonna treat you like your my spouse
In the heat of the night I might go
As far as for changing your life
Tied you up in the bed going crazy psycho
I know you're nervosa but I'm at your service
Let's get lose
But the choice is yours of course

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