Lil Mama Im Sorry Testo

Testo Lil Mama Im Sorry

[Intro: Riff Raff]
This song go out to all the girls that I accidentally broke they're heart
And it go out to all the ones that I purposely broke they're heart

[Hook: Riff Raff] (x2)
Li'l mama, I'm sorry, I never meant to ball like this
And who would expect I'd be in a drop top 6 or Ferrari
Li'l mama, I'm sorry

[Verse 1: Riff Raff]
Hot summer working lumber in my stretch plum hummer
Working wheels, popping pills, showcasing my skills
Will I make 20 mill? Only time will tell
I'mma ball at the mall, shutting down the sea wall
40 karats across my jaws just in case they don't trust me
MC Hammer can't touch me, your freestyle is disgusting
Make 'em mad, glad lock bags in the Toucan Sam Jag
Dropping bombs like Saddam setting off car alarms
Might pull up in Milan in the drop candy swan
Might swing through your prom with the wand in my palm
I'mma lie to your mom, make her mad at your dad
50 days, 50 nights, codeine in the Sprite
Might throw some diamonds on my hands, diamonds on handkerchief
Pour a 4 inside my pancreas, got diamonds on dental
I'mma swing the instrumental, I'mma break a 2 pencil
To a 3 [?] make it O.O.C

[Hook: Riff Raff] (x2)
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