Chained In The Attic Testo

Testo Chained In The Attic

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Mother died when I was born, all her insides ripped and torn
Father hates the sight of me - I'm an oddity!
I'm the ugly hidden son kept away from everyone
Captive in a private cell - acrimony swells!
Locked in shackles I've remained longing to be unrestrained
Time and hate will strengthen me - soon I will be free!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'

Eating only mice and rats muscles growing strong and fat
Living in my excrement - I am not content!
Terror of the human race gruesome features on my face
Swollen tumors on my skin - rabid bloody grin!
Trapped up in this rotten hole losing all my self control
Burning anger in my brain - driving me insane!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'


Set me free!

I'll escape and start to kill slaughter only for the thrill
Father chained me up from birth - I will kill him first!
All my neighbors soon will die cut the throat and suck Oem dry
Feast upon their tender brains - piss on the remains!
Then I'll roam the streets at night satisfy my appetite
Tear the victem's chest apart - just to eat the heart!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'

I will break free!
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