The Haunted Testo

Testo The Haunted

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Deep in the forrest where few men have been
Stands a house black as sin
All who have been there are dead or insane
Shocking things lurk within

All fear the house where the haunted are dwelling!
Horrible music infecting your brain
Calling you in to it's wicked domain
Can't hide your eyes from the maddening sights
Praying you won't meet the haunted tonight -
- You will!

I had a craving to visit this place
Cowardice is disgrace
Now I regret having been so naive
Death I will soon embrace -
God how I wish I had never gone in there!


Please heed my warning and never go in there!
Dark evil secrets this cabin can show
Things that men should not know
Suicide now is my only relief
Memories pain me so

There's no forgetting the things that I witnessed


Terror haunts the house in the woods Wise men fear it, all men should...
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