Don't You Love Me Testo

Testo Don't You Love Me

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Chorus] No no no You don't love me and I know now No no no You don't love me so let me go now (I can't let you go, can't let you go) If you ask me, baby I shoulda left you along time ago, no [Verse 1] Playas gonna play a least thats what they say Well I know that for myself now (You know I love you) You said you loved me babe Then you played your game A game that I know all to well now Well I use to buy your lines But it's time for me to sail now [Chorus] [Rap] First you tellin me no But please tell me yes without some of this stress Straight up tell me yes Gimme the keys to ya chest Ya chest will rise neva rest As ya chest you got me feelin like i'm climbin on Mount Everest Hey Rihanna Your lovin really put me to the test But if you shoulda let me soon the answer will yes Yes to this yes to that yes to whateva you suggest So please say yes No no no [Verse 2] Haters gonna hate You (let them hate) I found out much to late I think I know were a little hot now The truth leads to the lies The heart aint always right And I see that love is blind now Boy you use to have my trust Me Without no trust there aint no us boy [Chorus]

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