No Princess Testo

Testo No Princess

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Once, far away and long ago
Was a tale , my daddy told
To mee...
he said, there´s a land of fantasy
There's a prince who´ll fight for me
Till the end..

This isn´t how I thought It will supposed to be
You were the one who I imagine next to me
But sometimes love will fell-
in the hands of the wreck less
´cause this is no fairytale, and i´m, i´m no princess
No princess

Now, were living in the strangest dream,
but I don´t know what to believe
´Cause when
you said
I´m the one who fight for you
I´m the one that you never loose
That was just to tell


No princess
No princess

Bridge :

If i´am a prisoner
And there is my captor
And I´ll never know
happily ever after
I´m no princess
That´s just how it is, but now i´m wiser
And next time I´ll write my own last chapter

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