Ronnie And Clyde Testo

Testo Ronnie And Clyde

We had it again, everybody knows,
Hands in the air, stick up, stick up,
The funny business you get let up, let up!
You test fire, you gonna die,
And at your funeral your momma gonna cry.
So... gets the blow, blow,
And clerks open cash drawers slow, slow.
If you don't wanna end up dead,
Use everything Shy Ronnie says!
Tell them Ronnie!
No one in the back can hear you,
Shy Ronnie use your outside voice!
We don't have time for this!
Let's go!
So stay underground and stick up, stick up!
Your wallets and jewels will pick up, pick up!
Unload the cash, move your ass,
Will get their money, tell them Shy Ronnie!
Please, please use your words!
Just imagine that everyone is nigger!
Oh, oh!
... and alerts, you really picture them nakes,
Why did I think you could do this?
Ronnie has to... he shut himself!
And why is your gun so small?
The police surrounding in
Come out, put your hands up!
Good luck Shy Ronnie!
Bye, bye!

[Shy Ronnie:]
Ronnie... I am back from the dead,
Playing... so I shut my own way.
Forget the name, twisted, cause I'm crazy,
I'm giant ass news of my giant ass.

Yeah, I forgot this money,
And also this type!
Come on, we gonna have sex!

[Shy Ronnie:]
And you could hate for me,
Cause you don't wanna see my real gun,
Shots through the sun,
Does your... sound real fun!
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