Perfect Eyes Testo

Testo Perfect Eyes

Ô the perfect eyes of science
are coming to the scene
All the perfect eyes of science
are going down my dream
I'm very dangerous
I forgot my soul
you said
I'm not a divin world
You're very crazy
You make me understand
You make me understand
all the difficulties you see
I'm very very ill
come on

Let's go out
Let's go on
Let's go eat right now
Wait in heaven and see
Let's go back abraod
And far bakcward
And you're very tired of love
and me
And it's hard to find
a little lesson of love

Ô the perfect eyes of science
are blinking and they're green
We're walkin in silence
as little simple things
I saw you on a photograph
You forgot my soul

Ô the perfect eyes of sciecne
are sleeping in between
We're walkin in silence
You're beautiful and dangerous
you forget my soul
I'm very very ill
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