1974 Testo

Testo 1974

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Into bursting, into flames You burn so brightly To shame the shamed Feeling feelings, were never yours You woke up screaming 1974 1974 74, 74, 74, 74 Child of the 80?s The Hillsborough crush That girl in the fourth year That was up the duff Lisa Parkes I loved you But you never saw A year below you 1974 1974 You?re face now fear here You?re getting skanks Must be a reason why i?m shooting blanks If you were the somewhere Right in my life The only saviour You?re mine tonight Big wheel turning Down by the river Found my calling Down by the river Wanna live forever So far so good Now I trust myself better God I wish you would I?ve never been unfaithful Good with the law I know I?ve been faithful 1974 1974 I?ll die in your footsteps Trade on your name I?ll kill you with kindness If you hurt me again Standing in the rain Thinking of you tonight I?ve been searching for a meaning Trying to find a wife Loving all persons To make it alright I?ve been singing in the rain Watching only you tonight Stunned by the saddest songs she used to sing Don?t look for tomorrow today Goodbye dear Sunday It?s been fun now it?s Monday Everything?s coming up roses Child of the 80?s 1974 Child of the 80?s 1974 Child of the 80?s 1974 Child of the 80?s 1974

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