Difficult For Weirdos Testo

Testo Difficult For Weirdos

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Traduzione di Difficult For Weirdos
Where the future rests in the bistro where the music is for weirdos,
We like it different we like it strange in our own way we haven't changed
I got my eyes made up at the bus stop by my girlfriend and you know what,
She likes me different she likes me strange in her own way she's just the same

Psycho evolution your pollution makes it difficult for weirdos,
Just another humanoid reaction to the voices in this town
Every Saturday at the plaza guess the gender unless you'd rather,
He is a lesbian but that's ok she is the center of attention for another day
In the universe we are magenta you can join us if you enter,
Because you're different and you are strange in your own way you're just the same


Time isn't lost where devotion is I never wasted a life,
Space is the place where the soul is far from the safe and the norm
In the off stream they call it cavarade but they'll say that won't they,
I want it different I like it strange in my own way I haven't changed
It's insulting to be mislead by the hairdo of a god head
They show reverence but that's ok we are the center of the universe anyway

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