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what am i supposed to do
to keep from goin under?
now you're making holes in my heart
and yes it's starting to show
i've been holding back
is it any wonder?
since you walked right into my life
and interrupted my flow

and i wanna know
baby when you're with me
who do you think you're fooling?
making me feel so sure
turnin your lovelight down again
why don't you let me be?
you don't know what you're doing
making me feel so sure
turning your lovelight down again

(did it again, did it again)

baby i've got to know
are we gonna make it?
laying down beside me tonight
do whatever you feel
baby you're in control
where you gonna take it?
don't you think that i do you right?
you know darn well that i will


baby you turn the lovelight down
and i don't know
just how long i can stick around
girl i need more
and it ain't just easy girl
but i don't know what i can do
cause i found
it ain't love this time around

keep turning down your lovelight
did it again
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