You're History Testo

Testo You're History

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You're History
When you were collecting
For you sex appeal
He was in killing fields
Over you
You went
And took away his self respect
Put him out like a cigarette
You blow

Don't bother coming home
You said all you've got to say
He can get with the girls again
Cos he's a charming man
It's true
He can drink with the boys tonight
And have a fight, alright
And spew
You're history
You're history

Got your tits done
And moved out the very next day
All you left was the bill to pay
What a front
Could she not see what you're a righteous man?
A gun in hand
Cupid stunned
He used to want your love
Now he wants you to go away
He can drink till he's comatosed
Yeah he rocks the most
You see
He's got diamonds in his eyes tonight
Could give you quite a fright
No sympathy
You're history
You're history

Repeat Chorus

He will drink till he's comatosed
He rocks the most
Can't you see?
He's got diamonds in his eyes tonight
Could give you quite a fright
Yes siree
You're history

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