1040 Blues Testo

Testo 1040 Blues

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Worried, you betcha ya'
Discouraged I don't know
Every time I see a 1040
Out of my pocket it goes

I hate taxes

I work hard for my money
Every April you take it all away
Don't you know I work hard for my money every day, people
You take it all away from me

I hate taxes

Taxes gonna break my back I swear
Don't you know I pay a lot more than my share?

I hate taxes


(Same as above)
Can't have any fun anymore
Gotta make plans for everything now
Gotta plan for every thing I do, people
Can't go out and have a real good time
Now I've gotta worry about everything
That my little money can buy


I hate taxes

Taxes gonna break my back I swear
Don't you know I paid a lot more than my share

You know I've thinkin' about movin' somewhere else
But I can't because I love america too much
Especially California
I guess I'm gonna have to pay these taxes
If I'm gonna live here


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