Anytime Testo

Testo Anytime

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I could be the one
That you talk to

I could you make you coffee
Cream and sugar

Come to my house
Sit by the window
You'll always have someone to talk to

You can drop by
Late at night

Come around here
Early in the morning

I'm available today for you to see
It's easy to forget the way???
Love used to be

Some days I fold the towels
Maybe I'll watch a game
I'm not lonely, I'm doing ok, ya see
I almost forgot her name

If you want to talk lost love
I'm here


I read the paper on Sunday
That takes about a week right there
I never answer the telephone, see
That way I'm never here

If you want to talk lost love I'm here


If you want to talk lost love I'm here

I could be the one


We can sit by the window
Yes we can

Talk about lost love


(Guitar outro)
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