My Problem Testo

Testo My Problem


(Verse riff)
It's my own problem
That I have to face
Right here all by myself

It's my fault, yes it is
I'm so ashamed
Can't blame it on no one else

(Riff 1 four times)
She was once my
I sit here alone

(Riff 2)
Just where did I go wrong?

I've got a problem

(Verse riff)
She used to love me
But, oh, I really, really misused that girl
I did

I took all the love that I wanted
All I thought I needed
To satisfy my selfish world, yes I did

(Riff 1 four times)
And she never asked for
And all the time
She was suffering

(Riff 2)
And right now I've got a problem

(Riff 3)

(Bridge riff)
What was I doing?
I never noticed all the tears
The signs and the warnings
How could I have been so blind all those years

I missed all the signals
That she tried real hard to show
I got so hung up on myself, man
I didn't even want to know

Oh, yeah, and that's my problem

(Verse riff)
A no good-bye
Am I even worth one more chance?
I don't think so

And there's no use
No use to even try
I'll just have to make some other plans

Yes I will

(Riff 1 four times)
Cause I just lost my
I sit all alone

(Riff 2)
Just where did I go wrong?

Oh, yeah
That's my problem
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