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['Scarface' sample]
Hey fuck you, man!
Who put this thing together? Me, that's who
Who do I trust? Me!

[Intro: Lord Judah]
Yeah, hold up, hold up, hold up
Don't laugh, don't laugh
This thing ain't over, man
This thing ain't over, man, I got something to say
Just hold up, just let me think, let me think (Lord...)
Hold up, hold up, umm (Judah...) Judah!

[Lord Judah]
Ok, I'm the best, the worst, check it
Hold up, give the microphone back before I wreck it
Only other types of poems that's on record
Is ones from Jesus, the rest from the prophets
Every now and then I might hold Spacely Sprockets
You better 'jet, son', before you get that rocket
That's the best, son, don't make 'em cock it
You can't see the team, and you can't see the dream
So what the fuck, make you think, that you can see the scheme
Plan, devised by supreme human beings
Men, been high if you even got the G Code
To get exposed like a bunch of crack fiends
Yeah, you lack rap, but really who don't
Yeah, you could do it, but really who won't
Try, just remember you ain't I
And I am that, so just fall back

"Look at the Mouse"

Check out the Rodent Chamber, just another one of those bangers
Lyrical cliffhanger, be caution, keep aware of the danger
I play cold similar to that of the Rangers
Ya'll always take candy from them, lame ass strangers
Skating, while most of ya'll cats be faking
I'm seizing your funds, without causing any shaking
Like Jack Bauer, fucked up by the pathogen
You know I'mma keep shining, like halogen
Bulbs, that emit high intensity in the city
My style comes off smooth, but still it's mad gritty
Sissy muthafuckas, don't ever understand me
Spamming cats look thin, but they can't ban me
Cno and Li, might as well be considered family
Cuz the chemistry is sick, they ain't no failing me
Hocus pocus, this ain't magic, the style's bogus
Deadly methods especially when we straight focus

['Scarface' sample]
Money, money, money, money
That's all I ever hear in this house
Pelican fly, come on, Pelican!

[Cno Evil]
Check the sound, I'm running down, like my nose, when I'm sick
Running with Allah on my shoulders like I'm Michael Vick
Check the shit, I got 'lions' and 'panthers' on the attack
Gotta run with shackles, but the tackles got my back
Running, like Pac and Big, like, Ghost and Jada
Running back and forth, left and right like a fader
Like an entertainer, got paparazzi taking pictures
Mouse comes through during a blizzard, bumping RZA and GZA
'Run on the track like Jesse Owens'
Those were the 'words from the Genius' that captured the moments
I laughed at opponents, since they can't match up
They so behind, running like Heinz, trying to 'catch-up'
Hanging on the back of the car, but we driving far
Bright lights hitting your eyes like, a shining star
Mouse pop the truck, smack you with the spare tire
I feel like a rapper in his last hours about to retire

[Stan Ipcus]
Yeah, but not without, though, cuzzo
I'm running with The Rodentz, dog, we don't give a fuck
Darts of poison, spit venom and end 'em
Mix the boysenberry blend, dictate the memorandum and school 'em
Listen, we twisting up with video vixens, heavy leaning
Plenty green to pass around, clown rappers we diss 'em
Kiss 'em goodnight, Frank White, long smooches, no homo, son
Don't worry, I'mma tuck you in, I caught them real tight
Fuck rutts, I rock and ruck smuts and for the good rough
It's bad karma if you get caught reaching, this ain't your chamber
Ditch your kiddy rhyming, for the divine, take the oath
Prick my finger like the porcupine, I'm made now, slime
God of War, messiah of fire, liar liar
You ain't nice, that's why your pants on fire, frog, you a dike
All you fuckas, don't want it with Ip, Cno and Mouse
And Lord Judah in the house, White Plains, baby, we out
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