Manipulator Testo

Testo Manipulator

And here comes trouble Manipulator Can you see the way he twists you round his little finger Manipulator Dressed to tease - if looks could please I'll see you later Cold green eyes you've grown to despise Manipulator They'll stab your back but don't look back Manipulator He pushes the bell with his finger Don't you stop - don't you linger Checkout Kiss me boy But how many more has he got in store Checkout Manipulator - ch-ch-checkout Ma-ma-manipulator - ch-ch-checkout Checkout Lower than low - lower than low Low low low lower than low Checkout Trouble Ch-checkout Manipulator And here comes trouble Jealousy was not his history Come on now how low can you go Not much lower but lower than low Checkout Manipulator - ch-ch-checkout Manipulator - lower than low Manipulator - ma-ma-manipulator Lower than low And here comes trouble trouble trouble trouble Trouble trouble trouble

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