My Country Testo

Testo My Country

Something horrid........... Oh Oh Oh I would not fight for my country I would not work to no rule Don't have no truck with no power game Won't be some other jerks tool Don't have no part 'cos one party and Another's all the same (Workin' for some other man) All the same Gonna play it (Workin' for some other man) At my own game Oh Ee Ooh 'Oi you Don't wanna die for some old man's crusade Don't wanna hear what they feed Don't wanna kill for some cause of the age Don't wanna cry for somebody else's need Don't want no piece of no flag in the breeze Don't want no part cos one party and Another's all the same All the same Gonna play it at my own game Oooooh not me Oi you You don't get me

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