Old Friends Testo

Testo Old Friends

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(Roger Taylor)

When the sun got big, and the night came down
We used to share a drink - and let the demons out.
We let the good times rock, you made the bad times roll
We used to laugh a lot, you had a lot of soul
Old friends... in better times

And when the going got hard,
When times were tough
We put our backs to the wall,
You used to strut your stuff.
With a head held high and a heart so big
One fist at the sky... and shake a leg.

Old friends in better times

(even though, even though we miss you now
Look forward don't look back
We'll get by somehow)

And so I raise my glass in a last goodbye
Sleep in peace old friend, for me you'll never die
The best thing I can say, after all this time, is
You were a real friend, of mine

Old friends... in better times
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