When I'm 'ere Testo

Testo When I'm 'ere

Rest in the game,
It was bate who was gonna be here,
(eeeee heeeee)
Roll Deep is the name,
that were up for all rules all year,
(eeeee heeeee)
Wen u get here haters wonna end ya career,
but wen we live on stage no fear wen were ere,
back my team till the end is clear,
i swear dis'll end in tears.

Yo bun dem cant chuck a ting wen im ere,
Im Roach i swing dont blink wen im ere,
Gonna take actions in da ring wen im ere,
Its Roll Deep were da kings in ma rear,
Wen i mke a boy like u blink wen im ere,

Representin to bring u wen im ere,
wen im ere, i spray da mace wen im ere,
Dont wonna c ur black face wen im ere.

Yeh, im jus like Roach wen im ere,
im fast stoppin like a slow coach wen im ere,
u can neva say i neva roll deep wen im ere,
Eskiboys da reason y evrybodys ere,
Tight on step was on the beef wen im ere,
Roll Cheap Wen im ere, i make p's wen im ere,
I move sumin to da game wen im ere,
I make ur whole crew sound lame wen im ere
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