Coughin'Coffin Testo

Testo Coughin'Coffin

People weep, because of me
6 feet deep, dead as I can be

Fortunately I don't need a light
I am dead so I'm completely blind
Fortunately I can't smell my breath
No working nose & lungs, no stench of death
The only thing I wanna do
Is having an eternal break or two
Unfortunately for me no luck
My coffin is coughin', what the fuuuuck !!!

Coughin' coffin- I can't sleep
Coughin' coffin- 6 feet deep
Coughin' coffin- almost burst
Coughin' coffin- coughin' dust!

Eyeballs rotting in my sockets
Surchin' now through my pockets
Sometimes it's sneezing too
I'm looking for an Anta Flu
I wish that someone fucking told
My coffin suffers from a cold
'f I still lived I might 've been laughin'
in my fuckin' coughin' coffin !!!
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