Deadman Testo

Testo Deadman

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I just wanna die!!!

For fuck sake, just do it!!!
Of course you wanna die!!!
I am here to help you out
So come on, lets give it a try

Hideous girl, walking on the street
Fat ass, small tits, and flappy feet!!!
She thinks that no one likes her
And that's fucking true

So I'm your superhero that will help you to get through

Pass me the rope, the razor, and pills
Choose your weapon so i can forfill!!
Kamikaze or a train, an overdose without pain!!!
i don't care as long as I am the one that can help you try!!!

Just see me as your superhero!!!


Teeth kicked out again at school
Face first, down in the piss/shit pool
A wedgie, and your books are gone
This is where it ends, let me help you son
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