Lubricate The Fucksaw Testo

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Testo Lubricate The Fucksaw

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Looking at the sky, I see the sun is almost gone,
The temperature outside is freezing, time to have some fun!
Hiding in some bushes, wait until it's dark,
Keep an eye on the elderyhome, I'm hiding in their park!

Start masterbating! While I'm waiting!
So frustrating when I have no grannies to fuck!
Entering the door of a grey senile senior,
I am possessed & get undressed & in her face I scream the law


Remove the scabby bits, from her wrinkled tits,
She's scared & she shits, on pictures of her kids,
She feels that it fits, when my fucksaw hits
Her 90-year-old clit & I'm fucking proud of it!


I fuck her mouth until she drowns!
Dementing shit turns my fucksaw brown!
Lubricate with ancient juice,
Grandma makes my fucksaw ooze!!!


Ninety years was long enough, I gave her the fuck-of-her-life!
Until her fuckin' husband comes in & takes a look at his dead wife!
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