The Possession Testo

Testo The Possession

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Deep in the dark forest
Where evil spirits lay down
Waiting for human hearts, come around
I can hear them screaming diabolical ancient words

Ever so slowly
I'm feeling possessed by insane spirits
That have been watching my soul since the beginning

It's time to start off
I have been touched by the dark forces
The same one that takes control today of the rest of humanity
What happened to me?

I cross the forest
The sins seize of me
The master instructs me
To follow my instincts

Mystical feelings coming to me, there chills crossing my skin
That remember to feel, i'm still a human beign
I can't take out from my mind those whispers and fears

With my rotten soul
I can't believe i can live
I can see, i can change my hope

Another tear, another pain
my life is running through
My open veins
My life is fading away
Like an hour in my saddest day
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