Searchin' For The Sunshine Testo

Testo Searchin' For The Sunshine

When I look around me walking down the street
Every home has lights on but it's just tv
Where's my destination? I could use a map
I'm not sure it's the right train let's take another step

Suddenly I see right in front of me
A giant pair of glasses the blackest ever seen
I realize it's evening darkness will come soon
But there is no future if you can't spot the moon

Searchin' for the sunshine everyday
People do the rise up walking on
Searchin' for the sunshine everywhere
Everybody's got one find your own

Jah! Me gonna do di long walk ta feel di sunshine
I see: everyone-a gotta find a way Yes man
Jah! time don't wait n it's so long da way...old bro...
I and I wake up everyday n give thanx n prises
jah! we are just ghost lost in this dark hood
But we are not alone'coz we're a brotherhood
Yes man...time don't wait n it's so long da way...
Don't matter where you come from you gotta do di rise up!

Uba uba u...yeah the sunshine everyday
Uba uba u we gon'do rise up
Uba uba u...yeah the sunshine everyday
Uba uba watch out watch out watch out

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