The King Has Fallen Testo

Testo The King Has Fallen

Here I am standing with blood on my hands
I have finally taken my toll
All around me I see
How the royal heads roll
They took for granted that they were to reign
But from that day the people will rule
Under my wings we will rise up again
No one here to be the fool

But then I can hear
How a voice in my head tries to warn me
It is telling me that I can not see the end of the
Story and how it will be

New days have come and we live side by side
But something dwells within my mind
I hear whispers around me
Am I going blind
Why should we trust this jester
He is after all nothing but a clown
I hear how they doubt and distrust what I say
Just because I wear a gown

I now realize
That people are eager to hate
All the ones that are higher than they are
And now I am standing before the rope

The king has fallen
But so have I
(Deep in the night he's fallen)
The king has fallen
Because of his fall I will die

I heard the warning but did not obey
I'll pay the price in blood
Despite my loss
You have been set free from the grip of the king
And in my chains I will sing
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