Merry Go Round Testo

Testo Merry Go Round

I have tried in vein. [echoes] - Never had success! [echoes]
So it seems my life is nothing [echoes] - but a mess. [echoes]
I have lost [echoes] - my only friends. [echoes]
Now it seems I have to staaart agaaiin. [echoes] - Merry go 'ROUND!

[Verse 1:]
My life's been-goin'-around an' round since '95.
Went from goin' somewhere to-'bout-to-die!
Went from callin' my chick a chicken;
Cause she look like she got poultry around her thighs,
To callin' your piece a chicken
Cause she got no teeth - and she got crow feet - around her eyes! [echoes]
How hard are y'all? - I got a heart of size of Arkansas;
Count to five. - These birds gon' hit THE GROUND and they ain't from out the sky!
Went from havin' an outta-this-world-flow, to-doin'-the-pity-or-doin'-the coon dance
To-watchin'-my-good-friend-EMINEM-winnin'-a "moonman". [echoes]
I remember cause I-was-in-New York with all-of-my-boys-to-start-shit
Lettin' 'em stay with me, long story short, they-tore-my-corporate-apartment!
Went from bein' a kid addicted to basketball
To bein' an ig-no-rent nigga addicted-to-alcohol! [echoes]
'Round and 'round WE GO IS, how this movie would end? I self-proclaimed.
King of my city? Not really, just truely-the-King-of-losin'-a-friend.
Who woulda thought this-goof-in-the-park-who's-true-to-his-ark would lose!
Or win just by givin' his thoughts and views! [echoes]


[Verse 2:]
You will hear that Ryan's skilled [echoes] might even hear Ryan kills! [echoes]
You will never hear Ryan Stiles, here to put the "I" in I'll! [echoes]
My mind is still - like a merry-go-round spill
Like leavin' only guns to my kids when I'm killed, I-got-an-iron-will! [echoes]
Intellect as I-On; I went from high on pills
To triumph, to hidin' from bills to buyin buildin's! [echoes]
Then I went from writin'-for-Dre-to-wonderin'-if-my-head-was-on straight on the sidelines;
Feelin' I forgot about - listenin' to "Forgot About Dre"! ("Forgot About Dre"!)
From there I went-to-about a bottle a day
Tellin' WHO WE KNOW! - Get outta my face? Okay! - I know what Kino said about Dre.
I look at Kino to this day like that was a stupid mistake;
But if it wasn't for EM doin' THAT! - What would I be doin' today?
If it wasn't for Ca$his sayin' that he gon' beat my ass, then me
And EM pro'ly wouldn't-even-laughin' about us gettin' past it!
If it wasn't for me bein' outcasted [acapella] [echoes]
I woulda never been on the underground rappin' with (Crooked I: SLAUGHTERHOOOOUUUUSE!) [acapella]

[Chorus] [echoes] [beat stops]
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