Alarm Clock Testo

Testo Alarm Clock

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Well my alarm clock he aint working
but i dont really mind
cos he aint know friend of mine
he kept waking me up all the time
do do do get on ur feet, you've gotta get a job cos ur in too deep!

ohhhh nooo, oh nooooo

well i dont like doing things that other folks tell me to do and so i hitted with a hammer and now hes quite subdued

and when i wake up in the morning he dont even make a sound and my life aint slipping away because his hands dont turn around

beep beep beep, get on ur feet you've gotta get a job cos ur in too deep!

ohhhh noooo, oh noooo

well ive never been so happy, that's what i am right now and people misunderstand me cos when i was made some joker put my smile on...upside down....
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