Pennies Testo

Testo Pennies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm picking up pennies
but they dont give me any..
of the luck that they promise
i aint got nothing but dreams of loving
ill tell you something,
my pennies are piling up
....but i aint got no luck...

oh i miss you my honey,
i wish you would phone me,
but you aint so lonely

you go out drinking, i see you laughing
when im out drinking all i do is cry

im such an unlucky guy..

ohhhhh what am i to do with all this change?
ohhhhh sitting in my room the answers plain

ohhh ill take it to a slot machine in town
yeah turn my pennies into pounds...

now ive got lots of money honey..
and all of a sudden you come
rat tat tattin' on my door
i don't wanna see you anymore..
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