Big Songs Of Hope And Cheer Testo

Testo Big Songs Of Hope And Cheer

The satellites are raining down
On the international room
There's nothing secret, nothing sacred anymore
All the soldiers of the world are turning history around
They're with me now, they're breaking down the door

One mother's daughter has seen her brothers
Taken to the shadowlands
Now she's waiting for six soldiers to return
And another mother's daughter 's down on channel 21
Where she's opened up her life to let it burn

And the company say. give us more of these
Big songs of hope and cheer
Hits and hooks and riffs that shine as new
As the refugees come in, live and dying, miles across the snow
And there's nothing that this stunning world can do

The satellites are raining down
On a Sunday afternoon
She's opened for the world to take it all
Where we face our sweetest demons in the hands of flesh and love
She's aching at the stations of the fall

Pictures in a room
I can't take it anymore
Have I awakened to a strange land
Pictures in a room
Somebody help me please
'Cause I can't sing the pains of hope in a torn world
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