Ocean Road Testo

Testo Ocean Road

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I walked out, one morning fair
By the ocean road to linger there
And the sun was up, I saw the blue
But it night in my heart for you

And the turning wave filled my empty thoughts
With a homing power that washed a sea of loss
I saw my light, I held the flame
That we should take this road again

Still the ocean rolled round this smallest sphere
Through an endless void, to fade and disappear
Our fickle hearts sat down in time
For the fleeting beat of a last divide

One more, and I can see it all again
Like I was young
Strong in heart and dreams
Once more I'm staking all that's real
Where the waters washed us clear

Soaring like a bird
Where do we go
Where do we go
On and over all we know
Where do we go

Where do we go
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